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about us

Aksa International has taken its place in the industry as a dynamic and innovative company established in 2020. Known for its expertise in the carpet industry, the company aims to maximize customer satisfaction and quality standards.

*Vision and Mission:*
Beyond offering high quality carpet products to its customers, Aksa International aims to beautify their homes with aesthetic designs and durable materials. With the vision of becoming a leading brand in the sector, it adopts the principle of continuous development and customer focus.

*Quality policy:*
The company adopts a quality policy that focuses on maintaining and continuously improving product quality. It is committed to keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, using environmentally friendly production methods and developing transparent and ethical business relationships.

*Environmental Awareness:*
Aksa International adopts a business model that is sensitive not only to product quality but also to the environment. It contributes to the protection of natural resources through the use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production practices.

*Social responsibility:*
The company participates in social responsibility projects by adopting a socially integrated approach. It aims to contribute to the welfare of society by being active in the fields of education, environmental protection and social assistance.

*Future Goals:*
Aksa International aims to strengthen its leading position in the sector and make its name known in the global market. It aims to continue its success in the future with innovative designs, quality production and customer satisfaction-oriented policies.

Aksa International continues its journey as a successful organization without compromising the principles of quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.

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